I am a

tech enthusiast

and a

{software engineer}.

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I am a Software Engineer at Oculus.

I do 3D and Android development for the Oculus Gear VR Store. I'm passionate about bringing the ubiquity of mobile to virtual reality and rethinking e-commerce and consumer retail in a 3D metaverse.


Yale University '16
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
President of Yale Women's Leadership Initiative
Director of Speakers of Yale Entrepreneurial Society

Phillips Exeter Academy '12

Places I call home

San Francisco, CA
New Haven, CT
Exeter, NH
Seoul, Korea
Hong Kong

Current Favorite Drink

Ritual Coffee Laura Palmer

July 11th 2016

I've joined Oculus as a Software Engineer on the Oculus Gear VR Store team. I'll be working on making our store the best place for users to find VR content.

Aug 26th 2015

1) Succesfully completed my 12-week Software Engineering internship at Facebook. I shipped a new surface called Permacards that is a lightweight alternative to Timeline on Android. We launched it to 40% of Singapore and Hong Kong, and 15% of Taiwan and Austrailia to Facebook Sidebar users. It boosted messaging rates by 60% and visits to Sidebar by 6%!

2) Received a full-time offer to join Facebook as a Software Engineer in 2016.

3) Published an article titled Even the 'Idea Person' should learn how to code on Medium.com back in May, which was reposted on TPM a few days later. Comments there blew up.

4) Trying out a new resume design. Built it entirely with Microsoft Word...message me if you have suggestions on resume-building tools.

Mar 14th 2015

1) I'll be working as a Software Engineering Intern at Facebook in Menlo Park this summer!

Dec 5th 2014

1) New favorite songs: Kyog's remix of Miami 82 and Kygo's super new original mix, Firestone.

Nov 27th 2014

1) Took me two days to build this website. First web dev I did for funzies outside of work! A lot of design choices were pretty simple. Once the basics were done, the UI/UX came into place as they reflect my personality and style. Positioning required lots of trial and error though.

2) Venmo me $5 for moral support! The button's flashing, hope you noticed it :)

Update: Thanks Phillip and Brian for your moral support!

3) IFTTT and TheRealReal are pretty amazing.

4) Hooked on Above & Beyond's new song We're All We Need.

5) Thankful for parents, friends, peace, and opportunities. Happy Thanksgiving!